What does CPC do?

We work to partner with many land-based casinos and cruises that want to reward our members for gambling.

How do I get casino comps?

Sign up for a players card at the casino where you plan to gamble. Make sure, when you play in a casino to give the dealer your player card or insert your player card into the slot machine you play.

How can CPC help me?

First, we need you to tell us and what type of vacation you would like and when you would like to go.

We will ask for any updated information that may be outdated in your profile. Such as recent offers, and bankroll information. Updated information will help us work hard on your behalf.

Next, we roll up our sleeves and get to work! Our job is to get you the best possible vacation. 

Does everyone get a comped trip?

Unfortunately, no. Your past play will allow us to work hard to try and get you a comped trip but not everyone will qualify. If we cannot get your trip comped, we can get you deep discounts!